Our People

Marketing strategists, web designers + developers, project managers, designers, packaging + print experts, photographers, videographers, brand managers, animators, illustrators, creatives, copywriters… We’re a mixed bunch here at Fluid so here are a few words to help you get to know us.

  • Tim Buckley

    Creative Director

    Owner of the company, designer, project manager and branding nerd. Tim has been involved with marketing and design in New Zealand since 1996. Hailing from the UK, Tim has worked for a number of UK and NZ agencies and thrives on unlocking the potential of your brand from a customer perspective.

  • Sophie Kennedy

    Account Accelerator

    Sophie is our resident whip cracker, keeping us all on task. She has a strong background in tourism, communications, marketing and website management. Having been on all sides of the client/studio fence, she’ll help you translate the geek speak and get complex projects across the finish line.

  • Andy Brown

    Senior Designer

    Andy is our Wanaka-ite. Not only is he handy at navigating the Crown Range, but he is also immersed in anything to do with design and photography, delivering creative outcomes across a wide range of media. With over 8 years experience, Andy brings the hot sauce to fire up every project he’s involved in.

  • Bex Coutts

    Senior Designer

    After a 15 year O.E. working for some of London’s top advertising and packaging agencies, Bex met a Queenstowner, had three kids and then made the leap home to bring them up the ‘kiwi way’. So they bought a digger, built a house and they are now living the dream. Sweet as.

  • Chris Rae

    Web Developer

    Chris lives in the world of code. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what he does but the results speak for themselves. A tough, analytical approach to the web gives Chris the lead when it comes to getting your website really cranking.

  • Indy Sanchez

    Graphic Designer

    Indy started out as an expat Kiwi graphic designer working in Perth and then realised New Zealand was where her heart needed to be. Luckily for us, she decided that Fluid was exactly where she needed to be and the rest is history...

  • Debbie Crews

    Financial Controller

    Deb looks after the dollars, keeps us all honest and makes sure there are biscuits in the cookie jar. The financial wheels are what keep every business moving and Deb is the one that keeps them oiled.

  • Tom Bunney

    Graphic Designer

    Tom is a branding and illustration extraordinaire and brings a wealth of UK agency experience to many Fluid projects. Not only is he a strong designer, you'll often see Tom hurtling full speed down Queenstown's bike tracks.

  • Alice Conway

    Accelerator Assistant

    Alice mans the phone, updates the website, writes the invoices, manages the Project Management system, makes great tea and generally kicks everybody’s backsides at just the right time. And all with a smile...

  • Leigh Jeffery

    The Front Room

    Leigh keeps busy organising and co-ordinating events and exhibitions that happen in our Front Room, chat to her if you have some creative ideas you’d like to see come to life in our non-traditional gallery.

  • Jan Winkelmann

    Web Designer

    Jan is our German repesentative with a wealth of creative experience, particularly in web and UX design. His technical knowledge and clean, modern aesthetic has added zest to many Fluid projects. Jan enjoys getting outdoors and travelling. He also plays some pretty mean piano.

  • Hayley Delport

    Graphic Designer

    Originally from Tauranga, Hayley brings a long trail of print design and publication experience along with her bubbly personality to the studio. When not busy creating artwork Hayley can be found making powder turns or out on her bike.