Our People


Marketing strategists, web designers + developers, project managers, designers, packaging + print experts, photographers, videographers, brand managers, animators, illustrators, creatives, copywriters… We’re a mixed bunch here at Fluid so here are a few words to help you get to know us.


  • Tim Buckley

    Creative Director

    Founder of the company, designer, project manager and branding nerd. Tim has been involved with marketing and design in New Zealand since 1996. Hailing from the UK, Tim has worked for a number of UK and NZ agencies and thrives in the creative space which exists between every business and their customers.

  • Bex Woollard

    Creative Director

    The life of a globetrotting designer at some of London’s top packaging agencies was a great experience but the lure of home and the opportunity to bring up three kids ’the kiwi way’ was always going to win over in the end. Now well settled in Queenstown and co-owner of Fluid, life is sweet as.

  • Reece McChlery

    Production Director

    An eye for detail, a passion for making cool shit and a seemingly endless enthusiasm for business - this makes Reece the perfect partner and sounding board for all the crazy ideas we need to manage on a daily basis. If you’ve got a mad idea and you’re looking for someone to make it happen, here he is.

  • Anna Brenssell

    Creative Director

    Anna combines her passion for design with her love of farming by splitting her time between Timaru, the Lindis Valley and Queenstown. With over 20 years experience under her belt she is adept at exploring every client's brand story and making it stand out from the herd.

  • James Cummins

    Brand Strategist

    James joined us from ColensoBBDO in Auckland where he was running some of New Zealand's most well known brands. If you don’t find James talking to you about your brand purpose, you'll find him running the lakes in summer and attempting to smash the powder in winter.

  • Sophie Kennedy

    Studio Manager

    Sophie is our Studio Manager, Digital Manager and Account Manager, keeping us all on task. She has a strong background in tourism, communications, marketing and website management. Having been on all sides of the client/studio fence, she’ll help you translate the geek speak and get complex projects across the finish line.

  • Chris Barhart

    Digital Strategist

    A creative geek originally from Portland Oregon, Chris is considered the second most invasive species in Otago next to the Wilding Pine. His passion is in using digital metrics to inform strategy, creative and growth. He has a degree in communication, a certificate in web design and years of experience in digital strategy.

  • Gudrun Barth

    Graphic Designer

    Having had a successful design career in the corporate world in Auckland Gudrun decided it was time for a change and now enjoys being let off the leash at Fluid. She’s great at catching anything we throw at her, loves exploring the local running trails and her baking isn’t too bad either…

  • Andy Brown

    Photographer / Designer

    Andy is our photographer extraordinaire! With a background as a Senior Graphic and Website Designer he understands your photography needs better than most! With over 8 years experience in both fields, Andy brings the hot sauce to fire up every project he’s involved in.

  • Becca Newman

    Illustrator / Designer

    Born and bred in the south Becca has joined us from Christchurch where she has had a successful four years as an in house designer. She is now in Queenstown to further her creative ambitions and tackle the local hills. If she’s not behind her desk building your brand ID you’ll find her out on the trails training for a marathon.

  • Chris Rae

    Web Developer

    Chris lives in the world of code. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what he does but the results speak for themselves. A tough, analytical approach to the web gives Chris the lead when it comes to getting your website really cranking.

  • Craig Quested

    Graphic Designer

    Craig has come leaps and bounds since graduating with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Otago Polytechnic in 2017. He's taken on a multitude of tasks, meeting challenges head on with skill and determination. His sense of humour and creative drive make him a real asset to the team as does his growing experience in digital marketing.

  • Sarah Hardman

    Graphic Designer

    Sarah’s love of extreme sports and desire for adventure landed her in Queenstown… and it just so happens she’s had a bit of graphic design experience too. 7 years in one of the UK’s top agencies, helping to make brands work better. Having only been in the country a short while, the unmistakable strong Northern English accent has certainly not subsided…hopefully you’ll be able to understand her.

  • Ronnie Baker

    Illustrator / Designer

    Ronnie has a degree in Visual Communications and has been working as a designer and illustrator in beautiful Queenstown for many years. She loves learning new things, working with colour, print techniques, hand painted signage and getting nerdy about typography whenever possible. She brings an illustrative slant to projects, as she loves to draw pictures and she's known for producing highly imaginative work that’s full of personality.

  • Indy Sanchez

    Graphic Designer

    Indy started out as an expat Kiwi graphic designer working in Perth and then realised New Zealand was where her heart needed to be. After working with us full-time for 3 years, she now juggles cracking out designs for Fluid with her bouncing baby boy!

  • Jacqui Campbell

    Digital Marketing

    Jacqui made the jump across the ditch from Brisbane to call Queenstown home in 2014. Jacqui brings with her two degrees in Marketing and Creative Industries and a trove of skills and experience in digital marketing strategy and implementation. When she’s not doing awesome things in the online space, Jacqui loves camping, hiking, skiing and photography.

  • Leigh Cooper

    Graphic Designer

    A Wanaka local with an obsession for typography, Leigh has always been creating things. Her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design confirmed what we already knew – that design holds the answer to most of life’s tough questions. While Leigh may seem a bit quiet at first, once you get her talking about kerning, em dashes or the value of a serif over a sans serif then it’s all on. Three young daughters and a very talented master craftsman make home life the perfect balance to life in the studio for this valued team member.

  • Who's Next?

    Perhaps it could be you?

    We’ve never been interested in following the herd and most of our clients seem to be feeling the same. Fluid has a number of exciting projects underway at the moment and we’re looking to expand the team. If you’re an experienced senior graphic designer with a digital marketing background and a passion for telling solid brand stories, we want to hear from you! Contact Us.