The Brief

To put it simply, Stu designs flies. It's his passion and attention to detail that has earned him a world-renowned reputation as a leader in his industry. It's our job to tell his story and nurture connection with his loyal customers, whilst attracting new enthusiasts.

The Process

Stu likes to fish. He also likes to take photos and create a personality around the individual flies. Through a fun process of collaboration, an array of print material has been created. From brochures to packaging right through to a fully responsive e-commerce website and the marketing of his other fly fishing services. As the brand has evolved, a new brand identity has been created to lead him into the future. The logo has changed but Stu's promise hasn't.

The Result

The new brand embodies Stu's unique persona and celebrates his prolific range of flies. His loyal customers trust him and love to be connected into his infectious world of fly fishing. We have set him up to grow his business through online sales and enable him to focus his energy on his newly built Fly Fishing School.


“I love Fluid and the crew. Why look at the coal when you can stare at the flames of innovation? Yes, Fluid rocks! Thank you guys for taking my brands and website into a direction that’s always going forward, that’s what it’s all about.”


Stu Tripney, Stu’s Superior Flies