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Design Challenge – T-Shirts

Every month the crew at Fluid take on a design challenge. This month we collaborated with our friends over at Impact to create the biggest project yet. The brief was characteristically loose, “Design a graphic you wanna wear and pick an as Colour staple T that compliments your eyes (not really but they sure do have a ton of colours).” 

When we asked Impact owner Ben, “what kind of colour limitations are we working with?” 
He gave an unexpected reply “Don't worry about it.”
Bold words, especially when you’re dealing with designers. 

When designers hear those words they push it to the limits but Impact had a new secret weapon in their arsenal- a new Direct to Garment printing machine. This new Direct to Garment printing machine makes producing your perfect design simpler, faster and less messy. 

Soon our designs arrived as a stack of fresh tee’s ranging from a ‘Squatch on a Moose, to a celebration self-love arrived neatly packaged back at the office. The prints turned out crisp, unpixelated and jammed with colour. This magic machine exceeded expectations indeed. 

Stop by Fluid at 10 memorial street to view the goods. Visit Impact to discuss getting your shirts printed.


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