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From Humble Beginnings


For twenty-one years, Fluid was operating solely from our Queenstown office, at the heart of the Lakes District business community. Tim started Fluid back in 1999 and in 2018, Bex came onboard to help him steer the ship. Things were going great - but Fluid (like it’s name) never stays still, it’s always progressing along a pathway towards creative success and never afraid to change direction.

In November 2020, we took an almighty step on our journey of growth and collaboration by merging with South Canterbury-based agency, Goanna Creative, and welcomed Anna Emmerson, one of the South Island’s most experienced rural marketers, onto the Creative Director team.  Next, world domination!

...Well not just yet. But since we merged with Goanna, our reach has broadened, our team has greatly expanded to ensure we always bring the right talent directly to every project and we are able to provide our unique mix of brand, strategy and digital to a much wider audience.

Tim - how have things changed since Fluid’s early beginnings (way back in the 90s!)?

When Fluid started in 1999 we thought the world was going to end because of Y2K. Ten years later, we were terrified of the GFC and at the start of this decade we were grappling with COVID. The difference is we’re older, maybe a little wiser and way more optimistic about the future because life’s easier when you’re surrounded by great people.

Did merging with Goanna bring about any unexpected surprises?

Not really. It confirmed a few things I learned from an old friend; the main one being ‘trust your gut and you won’t go far wrong…’ oh and ‘West Otago girls know how to call a spade a spade’.

What next? Fluid is undoubtedly expanding but what is next in the pipeline and what are your goals?

We always spend so much energy helping our clients define their goals that we often neglect our own but recently we’ve been going through some serious re-organising. We’ve asked every member of the team what they are working towards and where they want to be. The answers are still unfolding but we have two newborns in the Fluid family who will probably show us that our future is all about the next generation.

Bex - what do you think Goanna did really well and has brought to Fluid? 

So many things! Firstly, a strong understanding (and deep care) for the needs and challenges of rural sector marketing. Secondly, an incredible agility to be able to cut to the core of a problem and lead through to effective creative solutions, on budget!

What has been your favourite project to work on with Anna?

Working on our internal projects to transform Fluid. I love being one of Fluid’s three Creative Directors. We are all so different but we just gel because we admire each other’s strengths and when combined we have few weaknesses.  

Now that Fluid is spread between Queenstown, Wanaka and Timaru, how have things changed? 

Personally, I feel like my world has got bigger and I can spread my wings! For Fluid it means we benefit from attracting the best staff from a far greater area. For our team it means they can choose the lifestyle that they want, while being in the heart of a highly professional creative team. 

Anna - What was it about Fluid that made you decide they were the perfect partner to merge with?

Tim, Bex and I seem to just connect right from the start and during the past year I’ve been even more amazed at how well we all seem to balance each other out. There’s also the added benefit that with Fluid there’s no egos attached and you don’t take yourself too seriously - something I endorse 100%.

What is your future vision for Fluid going forward?

For years it was just head down, butt up - with not a great deal of time to look ahead. With the calibre of the team now, the possibilities are endless. We recently described it to the team as the future is not being about getting bigger but instead reaching higher to craft even better solutions for our clients. 

What have you learned about yourself since merging with Fluid?

I’ve learned that while I spend quite a bit of time on the road, I’m crap at go-karting – second to last in our Fluid go-cart race!

It only goes to show, more heads are better than one! It’s been an exciting year full of collaboration, coordination, and cuppas. It’s a good job we got a bigger kettle. 

Here’s to growth, change, and forever flowing forward. 

Interested in working with us? Email us at ideas@fluid.co.nz, call us at 03 442 6739 or call in for a chat and a cuppa at any of our offices:

Queenstown  |  03 442 6739  |  10 Memorial St, Queenstown, 9300
Wanaka  |  03 443 1052  |  24 Dungarvon St, Wanaka, 9305
Timaru  |  03 688 9933  | 10 Royal Arcade, Timaru, 7910

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