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Not just a pretty picture. LUMA digital marketing

This journal is a reflection on our 2023 social media marketing campaign for LUMA23.

Social media marketing has changed the way we promote events. It’s no longer a shotgun blast of ads, PR and broadcasting - promotion requires finely crafted messaging and visuals tailored to specific target groups. Targeted marketing through digital channels allows us to develop strategic campaigns which cater to different audiences in the run-up to the opening night.

In the initial stages, our primary focus was understanding the target audience. Fortunately, we had data from previous events which proved immensely helpful in determining how to allocate our budget over the five-month campaign period. 

Our main objective early on was to generate awareness and announce the presale discount to previous LUMA/LUMIFY attendees. By leveraging a lookalike audience based on past ticket sales, we built an effective profile through which we could expand engagement through social media. Additionally, we employed alternative marketing methods during this phase, utilizing EDMs and targeted digital billboards to encourage pre-registration for the event. 

The results were solid, with LUMA selling nearly one thousand tickets in the first 24 hours of launch, a significant increase from previous years.

Once the presale phase concluded, we transitioned into a nationwide campaign, shifting our main messaging to "Get a room" and "Book now." The objective during this period was to entice out-of-town attendees to make their preparations by booking accommodation and travel. We targeted a nationwide audience using content from previous years and a fresh creative featuring a ‘neon glitch’ version of the LUMA logo. This was replicated in print campaigns scheduled in step with digital placements.  

‘Get A Room’ was a large push during this phase. The LUMA team had worked hard with Queenstown accommodation providers to create packages for LUMA weekend. This phase of the campaign was the only part where we had a higher CTR (click-through rate) of males than females. This could have indicated a connection between the messaging and the audience or the ease of accessing the packages. Regardless, it provided valuable insight into how message alterations can impact a campaign.

In phase three, we shifted our focus to local awareness. Based on previous data, we were aware that locals often made last-minute ticket purchases or bought them at the gate, which had been problematic in the past. Our objective was to encourage more locals to secure their tickets early and avoid the gate rush. A month before the event, we halted the nationwide campaign and redirected our efforts toward the surrounding regions.

The decision was based on the assumption that guests who were going to make the trip would have already planned and purchased their accommodation and tickets in the last push. This allowed us to focus on our local audience right up until the event. 

The local community are already very aware of LUMA, giving the creative a chance to talk directly about what to expect this year at LUMA. We adjusted our marketing strategy accordingly, emphasizing "work out your transport" and "get your tickets early" to discourage last-minute ticket sales at the gate. The creative approach remained consistent, employing video content from previous events and creative, which had been in play throughout the campaign.

Across the three phases of the campaign, we achieved an average CPR (cost per result) of $0.19  and reached nearly 100,000 individuals, resulting in 7,000+ link clicks. These numbers contributed to a resounding success for the event organisers in a year where ticket pricing was higher due to a number of logistical factors, cost of living was top of mind and unpredictable weather was an increasing concern. 

With over 40,000 tickets sold, event budgets met and Saturday night selling out completely, the results exemplify how social media marketing serve as a vital tool in generating awareness, driving conversions and uncovering audience trends. 

If you’re promoting an event and need help with driving traffic to your booking button, get in touch with the team today.

Craig Journal
Craig Quested
Graphic Designer
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