Bad Neighbour

In the flooded craft beer sector, the challenge is to stand out from the rest. With the beer already brewing and the labels needing to be on before bottling, this one was against the clock. This project was briefed as something quite different but an idea that came at 2am lead it down this path. The brewery brand was envisioned. Then the beer names flowed from the idea of two anti-social personalities, one for each beer, that you might see coming out in people after dark. The 'Freak'n Monkey' and the 'Two Faced Raven' alter-egos were born ...and so were stories of raucousness and debauchery for the back. The illustrations happened and then were brought to life with bright pop colours on metallic labels. Through all this, the one-colour boxes were planned to enable an economical first small print run to get this beer out into the market to fast. Sometimes pressure on a creative project is a good thing (but don't do this to us again please!)







Fluid Bad neighbour Sketch 2
Fluid Bad neighbour Bottles 4
Fluid Bad neighbour bottles 9
Fluid Bad neighbour illustration 5
Fluid Bad neighbour illustration 7
Fluid Bad neighbour Packaging 1
Fluid Bad neighbour Packaging 3
Fluid Bad neighbour Packaging 6
Fluid Bad neighbour Packaging 8