Nic's Honey

This brand was developed to enable the family living at Mt Nicholas to sell not only honey, but anything they might choose to produce. For the honey range, we brought a unique brand story to the back-of-pack of each. This connects locals and tourists alike to the experience of a high country sheep station and a natural way of life from long ago. In choosing these, you can literally bring this wholesomeness home. Next up is Lanolin and Honey Soap, then Mead, then when know. A strong product brand should make way for all future ideas to easily fall in-step, to increase on-shelf presence, brand recognition and overall sales.







Fluid Nics Honey Brand 1
Fluid Nics Honey Packaging 3
Fluid Nics Honey Packaging 6
Fluid Nics Honey brand 8
Fluid Nics Honey brand 9
Fluid Nics Honey Photography 10
Fluid Nics Honey Photography 2