Queenstown Trails Strategy Plan

Established in 2002, as the Wakatipu Trails Trust - and later, the Queenstown Trails Trust, this hugely respected organisation has been the driving force behind access-development and fundraising for all trail users in and around the Wakatipu Basin. With over twenty years of pioneering advocacy and community engagement, the scope of the Trust has grown along with its relationships and accolades. 


Fluid was asked to work with the Trust Board to explore how we share the stories and promote the vision for an expanding network of biking, walking and recreational backcountry infrastructure over the coming decade.


The result is a simplification of the name and the design of a new identity which then flows into a range of promotional tools, website amendments and the development of the Queenstown Trails Ten Year Strategic Plan. Feedback from the team is positive, and this year has seen an upswing in both project funding and sign-ups to the ’Trail Lovers’ fundraising campaign. The trails are in safe hands and we’re all looking forward to riding the expanded network once the Kawerau Gorge Trail links Queenstown to Cromwell. Exciting times for walkers and riders of all colours.








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