Queenstown Resort College

New Zealand's premier Tourism & Hospitality Management College. QRC take the most gregarious kids, empower them with knowledge, emerse them in the industry and put them firmly on the path to success. QRC relies on their prospectus to convey their reputation for academic excellence to the international and domestic market. It was time to freshen things up as the modern student is seeking a professional, established provider. The new marketing materials needed to speak to prospective students and equally their parents! It needed to say "This college rocks" but also "it's an upstanding establishment that will nurture and empower". This was achieved though a magazine style brochure which uses impressive imagery and hard-hitting copy to create energy around the courses offered. The prospectus started QRC's shift to a lively, contemporary brand. One with a solid visual voice that backs up a vouch for quality, and keeps the door open in an approachable modern way.







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