LUMA is a premier annual event on the Queenstown calendar celebrating the start of Winter and showcasing the talents of local, national and international artists over five nights in Queenstown Gardens. Since its inception, Fluid has provided design and marketing support and helped the team grow from small beginnings in 2015, through pandemic times and up to the hugely successful 2023 event. This year was a large transition for their team, moving from a funded business model to a commercial event as funding in the sector becomes more focused on other areas. Our role was to refresh the identity and help tell the story of the transition through logo design, colourways and typography which reflects the growth and evolution of the offering. This work was rolled out through multiple marketing channels including print, PR, radio and digital marketing (Google and Social media adverts). Creating not only animations and visuals for these ads but the strategy to drive ticket sales. Our work also extended to installations within the event including wayfinding, artwork plaques and animated entrance signage. 


View our video of the entrance screen here
Read an in-depth write-up on the digital marketing campaign here.
See the work done by the creative team on vendor signage here.









Fluid LUMA Event Posters 2
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